Kos! A wonderful island with many things to see and to do. You may swim or climb the mountains, you’ll visit the town and the villages, you’ll relax and have fun. The island challenges you to discover it and to enjoy every single moment on it. There are so many activities and landmarks, that you’ll never get bored.

First of all, you may have a tour of the town of Kos with a little train that goes around every half an hour. Another train goes to Asclepieion and offers you a ride through trees and fresh air. You also have the ability to rent a bicycle and travel around the island. Kos is known as “the island of bicycles” and also has a network of bicycle lanes approximately 20 km long. Of course mountain biking and hiking are also a very interesting activity. There are numerous paths, that lead you to the most amazing places.

Kos has a variety of villages, small and bigger one, picturesque and modernized. You’ll surely pass by Zia, where you may watch the most beautiful sunset in Kos. You’ll wander through the small alleys, where you can buy some of the traditional products of Kos, such as cinnamon refreshment and tomato plum sweet. From this village, there is route that leads to the top of the higher mountain of Kos, Dikaios.

Sunset at Zia Sunset at Zia

If you are more fond of relaxation and you like the sun and the sea, then you should go around the island but also have a tour on the small islands near Kos with little boats that make these tours every day. These mini-cruises will offer you relaxation, pleasure and you’ll see some really idyllic places. In some of these cruises you may also take some scuba diving lessons, in groups or individually, in order tol admire the unique undersea world of Kos.

You also have the opportunity to go horse riding. Either you have done it before or not, you’ll surely be amazed by this different way to discover places. Almost in every beach on the island, there are facilities for water sports that urge you to exercise and have fun in more intensive rates. You are also able to learn how to wind surf or kite surf.

Horse riding on the beach Horse riding on the beach

The island is also known for its vineyards and the exquisite quality of the wine which is produced here. If you are interested for a savor experience, you may visit the wineries of Kos and apart from the wine tasting you’ll also watch the procedure of production.

You’ll for sure feel the greek hospitality in Kos. Its inhabitants will welcome you and you’ll know about the greek way of living and having fun. In many places there are “greek nights” being organized, where music, dancing and fun are all over you.

You will very soon realize that one visit is not enough. There is always something new to see and something great to discover. So there are hundreds of reasons why you should come over and over again.