Kos has some of the most amazing beaches in Aegean Sea. From one side of the island to the other you may admire the crystal water and the attractive beaches, and the only thing you’ll wish is to be able to swim all day long.

If you like beach with pebbles you’ll definitely visit Psalidi. It is located on the east side of the island, and has a variety of choices. You may lay on sun beds, listen to the music and drink a cocktail or have a snack by the beach or you may find a spot were very few people are around and enjoy the tranquility of the place. At the edge of this side of the island, there is a place, where are hot waters coming out of the mountain, the famous Thermes, so you may enjoy a natural health spa.

Therma Beach Therma, a natural health spa

Heading to the west side of the island, you’ll find many sandy beaches. At first you’ll reach Lampi, where you can swim in swallow waters and then is Tigkaki, where your swimming will be accompanied by the music from the cafeterias that are on the upper side of the road. If you continue, you’ll find the beach of Marmari, where you may try windsurf or kite surf, or watch those who do. Little far from there ,there is Mastichari, where except from swimming in the infinite beach, you may also taste the fresh fish and seafood in the numerous restaurants near there.

Mastichari One of the beaches at Mastichari

On the other edge of Kos, you’ll reach Kardamaina, where you may discover many spots for swimming, that are not crowded, so they offer quiet and relaxation. Of course, there is no way that you visit Kos and not go to Kefalos. The green-blue waters, the exquisite sandy beaches and the fantastic view will amaze you.

You may keep in mind, that in the most beaches in Kos, there are facilities for water sports of any kind. So, except from the wellness of the sea breeze, the island also challenges you for activities that will keep your adrenaline in high rates.